Low Maintenance Friendship

Apoorva Kshirsagar
2 min readJan 29, 2020

What is Friendship? Friendship is a close association between two people marked by feelings of care, respect, admiration, concern, or even love.

“Friendships are relationships that involve two very critical dimensions — the interdependence and voluntary participation.”

In other words, friendship is lovely, and much ink has spilled in citing the virtues of having friends. That’s not to say attachment is secure, though. It demands time and effort, and it requires that people put someone other than themselves first sometimes. But in exchange for that work, a friend can provide an immense amount of support and comfort in good times and in bad.

Promises come straight from the heart.

What is a low maintenance Friendship?

It’s the friend you don’t need to call every day to know what they’re up to. It’s the friend who you understand has a life outside of you. It’s the friend who works a lot or moved far away but remembers how important you are to them even though your relationship is changing.

It’s the friend you don’t have to think about what he will feel if you forget his or her birthday. In such a friendship, you encourage each other to grow in life. You’re happy for each other’s success, to whom you can talk about anything — Whether that’s sharing guilty pleasure, Your most precious secrets, as well as pooping, sex, periods, farting, and anything else. They won’t judge you cause they accept it all as part of being human, so you can carry on as if you’ve been talking about the weather. With the best low maintenance pals, it doesn’t need to be some big substantial expensive event or trip to the club. It can be doing the couch potato together.

The friend with whom you can sit for hours with comfortable silence. If someone mocks your friend that pisses you off, you get the feeling of smacking him across the face. We share a weird kind of relationship in friendship because if your friend tries to bond with someone, it fucks you up. “It’s kind of like that burst of ‘love at first sight,’ but it’s a friendship, not romance.”

Low Maintenance Friendship rule:
A low level of clinginess = a high level of happiness.

“The perfect friendship is the one that stays forever. The friendship that is beyond love.”

You love each other to death because you find so much comfort in knowing that you can spend months and months apart, but when you see each other again, it’s like nothing has changed. That’s true friendship right there!